Registered participants

Thida Wint (Mandalay University)

Aye Aye Min (Mandalay University)

Theingi (Mandalay University)

Hla Myat Thandar (Banmaw University)

Khin Swe Myint (Mandalay University)

Khin Maung Maung (University of Southern Mississippi)

Aye Soe Moe (Sagaing University)

Zin Mar Htay (Kyaukse University)

Aye Thida (Mandalay University)

San San Mon (Mandalay University)

Hla Hla Win (Mandalay University)

Khaing Pwint Wai (Monywa University)

Mar Mar Htay (Monywa University)

Su Mon Kyaw (Sagaing Technological University)

Nay Lin Aung (Shew Bo University)

Kazuma Nakazawa ( Gifu University)

Yin Mar Aung (Monywa University)

Khin Nyan Linn (Mandalay University)

Thandar Swe (Mandalay University)

Myat Thet Mon (Kalay University)

Aye Maw Aung (Kyaukse University)

Tin Mar Yu (Defense Services Academy)

Thida Oo (Defense Services Academy)

Htun Htun Oo (Lashio University)

Maung Maung Chit (Mandalay University)

Kyaw Thiha Thiha (Lashio University)

Kyaw Thu Min (Mandalay University)

Khin Mar Win (Mandalay University)

Khin Thandar Kyaw (Mandalay University)

Ya Min Htet (Mandalay University)

Swe Zin Nyein (Mandalay University)

Kay Khaing Oo (Banmaw University)

Hla Toe (Pago University)

Aye Aye Khine (Sagaing University of Education)

Win Win Maw (Mandalay University)

Cho Cho San (Mandalay University of Distance Education)

Myat Mon Thin (Mandalay University)

Moh Moh Kyi Naing (Kyaukse University)

May Thawda Phoo (Magway University)

Hnin Hnin Hlaing (Mandalay University of Distance Education)

Shwe Sin Phyo (Shwebo University)

Thida Win (Shwebo University)

Kyi Pya Htun (Shwebo University)

Min Maung Maung (Dawei University)

Thiri Yadanar Htun (Suranaree University of Technology)

Lai Hnin Phyu (Hokkaido University)

Nan Thida Chit Shwe (Yangon University)

Than Zaw Oo (Mandalay University)

Aung Zaw Moe (Lashio University)

Khin Lei Lei Kyaw (Banmaw University)

Khin Khin Kyaw (Pyay University)

Myat Shwe Wah ( Mawlamyine University)

Naing Naing Oo (Taunggyi University)

Wynn Mar Aye (Dagon University)

Su Su Win (Mandalay University)

Yupeng Yupeng Yan (Suranaree University of Technology)

Yan Lin Aung (Mandalay University)

Win Win Maw (Mandalay University)

Hite Nandar Kyaw (Defense Services Academy)

Ayut Limphirat (Suranaree University of Technology)

Thiri Thu Thu (Mandalay University)

Hnin Yee Hlaing (Defense Services Academy)

Aye Thi Da (Shwebo University)

Ye Myint (Dagon University/ShuKhin Tha  International College)

Zin Maung Htwe (Shwebo University)

Prayoon Songsiriritthigul (Suranaree University of Technology)

Sa Bal Aye (Taunggyi University)

Yin Min Kyaw (Mandalay University)

Hiroyuki Kamada ( Kyushu Institute of Technology)

Yi Yi Mon (Mandalay Education College)

Thinzar Myat Oo (Defense Services Academy)

Aung Myint Kyi (Loikaw University)

Aye Moh Moh Theint (Gifu University)

Shwe Sin Oo (Loikaw University)

Parthapratim Biswas ( University of Southern Mississippi)

Moh Moh Aung ( Suranaree University of Technology)

Myo Thandar Aung (Mandalay University)

Zin Mar Kyaw (Mandalay Technological University)

Khaing Zin Oo (Mandalay University)

Aye Thandar Htay (Mandalar Degree College)

No No Htike (University of Nursing, Mandalay)

Su Su Yin (Yadanarbon University)

Myint Kyaw Soe (Yadanabon University)

Htar Htar Lwin (Mandalay University)

Ei Shwe Zin Thein (Yadanarbon University)

Nyein Nyein (Meiktila University)

Tha Zin Hlaing (Meiktila University)

Myint Myint Win (Meiktila University)

Nwe Ni Win (Meiktila University)

Jose Luis Goity (Hampton University/Jlab)

Theint Htay Mar Wint (Taunggyi University)

Aye Aye Khaing (Shwebo University)

Me Me Theint (Mandalay University)

Saw Wai Hla (Ohio University)

Tin Tin Yee (Shwebo University)

May Thida Win (Shwebo University)

Thae Thae Mar (Meiktila University)

Aye Than Kyae (Shwebo University)

Khin Myat Mon (Shwebo University)

Thu Thu Soe (Mandalay University)

Nay Min Aung (Monywa University)

May Saw Own (Mandalay University)

Soe Soe Thin (Pyay University)

San San Aye (Lashio University)

Ei Sandar Maung (Mandalay University)

Win Win Aye (Mandalay University)

Yin Yin Kyi (Mandalay University)

Khaing Nyunt Myaing ( Kyauk Se Technological University)

Christoph Herold (Suranaree University of Technology)

Kazuma Nakazawa (Gifu University)

Wataru Horiuchi ( Hokkaido University)

Ohn Mar Myint ( Hinthada University)

Yoshinori Akaishi (KEK, Japan)

Yee Yee Aung ( Sagaing University of Education)

Win Win Hlaing ( Sagaing University)

Aung Ko Ko Kyaw (Southern University of Technology, China)

Aye Aye Khaing (Shwebo University)

Phyu Phyu San (Sagaing University)

Mi Mi Khin (University of Medicine, Mandalay)

Than Zaw Aung (Sagaing University)S

Shwe Than (Department of Atomic Energy, Ministry of Science and Technology, Myanmar)

Thida (Yangon Technology University)

Aye Myat Mon (Yadanabon University)

Thi Thi Tun (Mandalar Degree College)

Thet Thet Cho (Mandalay University)

Ni Ni Tint Swe (Mandalay University)

Ra Be Kah (Mandalay University)

Daesi Khaing (Mandalay University)

Soe Htet Myat Aung (Mandalay University)

Lwin Lwin Yee (Kyaukse University)

Ni Ni Myint Htun( University of Medicine I, Yangon)

Nyein Nyein (Sagaing University)

Myat Aye Yee (Mandalay University)

Phyu Phyu Ayr (Mandalay University)

Shwe Ei (Mandalay University)

Thandar Zaw Win (Mandalay University)

Aye Thandar Maung (Mandalay University)

Khaing Zar Myint San (Mandalay University)

Kyi Kyi Sint (Mandalay University)

Aye Nyein Thu (Mandalay University)

Wai Wai Aung (Mandalay University)

Eaindra Moh Moh Lwin ( Mandala University)

Aye Thandar Moe (Yenanchaung Degree College)

Khin Su Su Han ( Mandalay University of Distance Education)

Myint Myint Maw (Sagaing University of Education)

Yin Yin Htay (Mandalay University)

Wai Mu Mu Phyo (Kalay University)

Thein Tun Oo (Kalay University)

Paing Moe Chit ( Mandalay University)

Thet Thet Cho (Mandalay University)

Kay Thi Soe ( Mandalay University)

Ei Ei Phyu Hway ( Mandalay University)

Khin Thitsa Shin ( Mandalay University)

Su Su Lwin ( Mandalay University)

Soe Soe Thin ( Pyay University)

Daw Thinn Kyu ( Kalay University)

Thu Thu Soe ( Mandalay University )

Ei Ei Myo Kyaw ( Mandalay University )

Chit Oo ( Mandalay University )

Su Mon Kyaw ( Mandalay University )

Kyaw Thu Min ( Mandalay University )

May Myat Mon ( Government Technical High School, Pakokku )

Myo Wai ( Kalay University )

Tint Swe Oo ( Nationality Youth Resource Development Degree College )

Zaw Latt ( Yandanabon University )

Aye Aye Mon ( Hinthada University )

Min Sway-Tin (Yangon University/FCA  )

Mya Mya ( Yadnarbon University )

Sandar Min ( Yadanarbon University )

Sandar Myint Oo (   Yadanarbon University )

Tin Tin Nwe (  Yadanarbon University )

May Zin Oo (  Yadanarbon University )

Myint Myat Swe ( Mandalar Degree College )

Shwe Yi Phyo ( Bamaw University )

Cho Cho Win ( Mandalay University )

Hnin Hnin Aye ( Sagaing University )

Thanachot Nasawasd (Suranaree University of Technology )

San Yin Phoo Maung ( Myingyan Degree College )

Win Win Nwe Soe ( Myingyan Degree College )

Su Myat Nyein ( Myingyan Degree College )

May Zin Oo ( Myingyan Degree College )

Chaw Kalyar Soe ( Taunggyi University )

Tin Ma Ma Yun ( Yadanarbon University )

Sukanya Sombun ( Suranaree University of Technology )

Sai Yu Aung ( Taunggyi University )

Min Soe Tun ( Mandalay University )

Myint Myint Maw ( Sagaing University )

Zaw Latt ( Yandanarbon University )

Maung Maung Soe ( Mandalay University )

Hnin Thiri Aung ( Mandalay University )

Khin La Pyae Woon ( Mohnyin Degree College )

Cho Cho Myint ( Univeristy of Computer Studies, Mandalay)

Attaphon Kaewsnod ( Suranaree University of Technology )

Lei Lei Win ( Mandalay University )

Kalyar Thwe ( Mandalay University )

Ei Shwe Sin Oo ( Yangon University )

Myo Aung ( Yangon University )

Ye Chan ( Yangon University )

San Win ( Myitkyina University )

Aung Naing Oo (Yandanarbon University )

Thet Thet Naing ( Monywa University )

May Thawdar Oo ( Myingyan Degree College)

Kyi Kyi Win ( Taunggyi University )

Mar Mar Cho ( Yandanarbon University )

Mo No Zaw ( Loikaw University )

Tin Zar Aung ( Mandalay University )

Yin Yin Kyi ( Monywa University )

Myint Myint Soe ( Saigaing University )

Khaing Su Lwin ( Monywa University )

Cho Cho Myint ( University of Computer Studies, Mandalay )

Aung Myint Kyi ( Loikaw University )

Kai Xu ( Suranaree University of Technology )

Oak Kar Shin ( Kyaukse University )

Khin Mar Wai ( Monywa University )

Thida Aye ( University of East Yangon )

Khin Soe Yu ( Mandalay University )

Moe Sandar Maung ( Mandalay University )

Nan Kyi Kyi Thein ( Mandalay University )

Cho Zin Win ( Meiktila University )

Yin Yin Maw ( Meiktila University )

Moe Moe ( Meiktila University )

Khaing San Wai Htun ( Meiktila University )

Lwin Lwin Aung ( Meiktila University )

Yee Yee Oo ( Taungoo University )

Chann Myae ( Yandanarbon University )

Khin Soe Soe ( Mandalay University of Distance Education )

Nang Ei Ei Nyein ( Lashio University )

Sabal Aye ( Taunggyi University )

Eaint Thae Khine ( Lashio University )

Swe Mar Win ( Mandalay University )

Kyi Kyi Moe ( Mandalay University )

Nyi Nyi Htut ( Mandalay University )

Soe Yu Naing ( Mandalay University )

Min Min Phyo ( Monywa University )

Theint nadi naing ( Mandalay University )

Chaw Su Su Khaing ( Mandalar Degree College )

Zin Mar Thwe ( Mohnyin Degree College )

May July Phyoe ( Mandalay University )

Phyu Sin Ko ( Mandalay University )

Aye Koh Moh Khaing ( Mandalar Degree College )

Ya Mon Win ( Mandalar Degree College )

Tun Tun ( Mandalar Degree College )

Hsan Htoo ( Yangon University )

Win Naing Min ( Mandalay University )

Win Myint Oo (Mandalay University )

Nay Wah Aung ( University  of Magway )

Nwe Ni Aung ( Taunggyi University )

Nwe Nwe San ( Taunggyi University )

Nilar Lwin ( University of Magway )

Shin That Lwan Maung ( Banmaw University )

Thin Thin Naing ( East Yangon University )

Hinithiri Aung ( Mandalay University )

Kai Zuber ( Technische Universitat Dresden )